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Equitable Solutions Consulting Group

Helping small businesses establish strong foundations and structured practices!

 Small Business Consulting Services

Additional Services Available 

Business Plan Development 

Document & Application Preparation  

Marketing Consulting 

Promotional Materials & Merchandise

CARF Accreditation Consultation Services

Visualize Your Company's Growth

Your strength is in your personal knowledge of your company's

product or service. Your passion is what drives your success and

allows you to provide a valuable product or service to your clients.

Now imagine your company at a level you never thought was

possible. ESCG helps small businesses establish a strong

foundation and structured practices that produce growth.

Goal-Setting Conference

Choose 1-3 goals and map out the tasks & timeline required to meet goals.

Create A Marketing Plan

Review marketing trends (SWOT), determine audience,

determine appropriate marketing platforms, utilize a variety

of marketing avenues, provide Linked In Support.

Review & Update Business Foundations

Apply for all appropriate business certifications, update

online company contact information.

Review Finance & Build Business Credit

Review company financials (SWOT), create pricing

structure, build business credit, research grants, seek


Coaching & Technical Support

Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, training on various

marketing and design platforms, website & social media

support, SEO.

Implement Plan

Small Business Consulting Packages 

Compare our consulting packages and find the best fit for you. Additional services available. 


Consultation Fee - 12 Weeks 

60-minute coaching session


Consultant completes all agreed-upon plans & applications

$350 Per Week / 12 Weeks 


Consultation Fee- 12 Weeks 

60-minute coaching session


Consultant coaches client on how to complete all plans & applications 

$225 Per Week / 12 Weeks


Minimum of 6 Weeks

60-minute coaching session


Coaching Sessions Only

All additional services ala-carte

$150 Per Week

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