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Equitable Solutions Behavioral Health 

Equitable Solutions Consulting Group was established in 2021 and is the parent company of Equitable Solutions Behavioral Health (ESBH). ESBH is a community-based agency that provides equitable mental health, substance abuse treatment, and educational resources for adults and children. ESBH is a for-profit private agency that provides services in Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding counties.  Equitable Solutions Behavioral Health offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and PRP Services for children and adults.  ESBH utilizes a person-centered philosophy that differentiates the services provided based on the unique needs of each person served.


Mission Statement

The mission of Equitable Solutions Behavioral Health is to render equitable mental health care services to children and adults by providing qualified and experienced professionals to implement individualized rehabilitation plans that support persons in meeting their desired outcomes and goals. 



The vision of Equitable Solutions Behavioral Health is to provide the highest level of equitable, integrated care to enhance the lives of children and adults coping with mental illness & addiction.



  • To provide equitable wraparound support services to all clients

  • To provide knowledge of additional community resources and supports

  • To increase social-emotional learning and self-care

  • To promote resiliency and successful integration into the community

  • To develop meaningful, trusting relationships that allow clients and staff to develop mutual respect and a positive rapport.

Program Plans



Intensive Outpatient 

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

The IOP is a structured 4-day-a-week program that supports children and adults in maintaining sobriety during the early recovery stage. Individual and group therapy sessions are provided for children and adults



PRP for Children & Adults

Psychiatric Rehabilitation services are provided for children and adults with the goal of providing the necessary support for clients to function safely & independently within the community.

DUI Education Program

Individual and group therapy sessions are provided for children and adults with a variety of resources and support that address their immediate areas of concern and distress. Family counseling is available.


DUI education flyer
PRP Adult & Minors Flyer

PRP services are provided to persons living with chronic mental illness. Our services support participants with developing and reaching goals that will allow clients to be contributing members of their community. We offer PRP services for minor participants ages 5-17 and adults ages 18 and up. Our multi-disciplinary team members will work with the client to create an Individual Rehabilitation Plan with measurable goals. 

SUD Family Support Services
Hours of Operation
IOP- Substance Abuse for Adults & Teens
group therapy

Adult IOP Schedule 





Group & Individual Therapy Available 

Teen IOP Schedule 









Teen Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Evidence-Based * Individualized * Trauma Informed * Outcome Driven

IOP for Teens Flyer

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