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Principal Coaching

Equitable Solutions Coaching Framework

The Mary Lee Booker Principal Coaching Program was designed using our 4 E's Coaching Framework. The framework introduces participants to a variety of evidence based strategies and structured systems to address a challenge they may be facing within their school. Participants will be engaged in equitable conversations and be exposed to a variety of digital platforms and digital monitoring systems.​

Participants will be provided with strategies to build meaningful relationships and gain buy-in from staff. Ultimately participants will have the skills required to train their staff, implement programs and monitor outcomes.


Principal Coaching Program

The Mary Lee Booker (MLB) Principal Coaching Program is our signature program that allows principals from across the country to have a safe space to meet twice a month over a nine-month period, to share best practices, work on a goal for the school year, learn additional leadership strategies, and collaborate on school projects. There will be 2 cohorts of 10 principals for the 2021-2022 school.


45 Minute Free Webinar

Are you curious about how a Principal Coaching Group could be beneficial to you being an effective school leader?

Learn how being a part of a group of dynamic school leaders could make a difference in increasing your school outcomes.

60 Minute Training Sessions

Try one of our 60-minute sessions to gain quality strategies that you can quickly implement.

Rebranding Your School


July 8th

August 2nd

September 3rd​​

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Social Emotional Learning For Staff


July 15th

August 9th

September 10th

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​The Culture of Poverty

Leading Through Poverty


July 22nd

August 16th

September 17th

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Leading Through

A School-Based Trauma


July 29th

August 23rd

September 24th​

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