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Global Teacher Coaching


Global Teacher Coaching

The Challenge

Educators are consistently required to complete new tasks and deliverables without being given the adequate time, pay, and/or the resources needed to complete such tasks with fidelity.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the consistent requirements and demands

  • Struggle with work-life balance

  • Need to develop a time management system

  • Struggle with addressing both the academic needs & social emotional needs of students

The Solution

Educators that participate in our Global Teacher Coaching Program will collaborate with teachers both nationally & internationally to learn and share best practices with current and relevant challenges.

  • Develop effective time management strategies

  • Practice adult social emotional learning practices

  • Learn and practice evidence based strategies that address academics and social emotional learning

  • Understand that academics and social emotional learning work hand in hand

Questions That You Need To Answer

1. What is t​h​e Global Teacher Coaching Program?

2. What are the outcomes of GTC?

3. How many teachers are in each cohort?

4. What topics will be covered during the program?

5. Will participants receive 1:1 coach time with the instructor?

6. When does the next program start?

7. How long does the program last?

8. When does it meet?

9. How long are the sessions?

10. What is the cost of the program?

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